The Korean Girl lost weight spectacularly, removing more than 50kg.

From 100kg, the Korean Girl lost weight spectacularly, removing more than 50kg.

Beautiful physique is definitely the dream of all girls in this world, but it is not easy to keep a beautiful a healthy body, especially for heavy girls.


Jinny is a famous girl in the land of kimchi with a very hot sand watch body that makes anyone look admiring. According to Jinny’s sharing, two years ago due to eating too much fast food and drinking alcohol, she gained weight constantly. The peak when she reached 100 kg with oversized body compared to friends of the same age. However, this didn’t make Jinny feel bothered until her boyfriend had another girlfriend, he said insults to her badly: “Please look at the mirror to see for yourself, ugly pig”.

This awakened young girl. Jinny is determined to change, eat science, practice sports to become healthier, slimmer, prove “nothing is impossible”. With the determination and healthy eating plan, Jinny has stripped from her body over 100 kg to only half her weight.



In the popular SBS “Let’s Beauty” show, Jinny became a guest who attracted a lot of interest and support from fans. Here Jinny revealed a secret behind her spectacular “weight loss” in a short period of time, not merely a diet and exercise as she said before.

“I’ve been keeping this for a long time and just want to keep it to myself. But I cannot continue to be so selfish, fans deserve to know this truth”.

The auditorium was “ohhh” in surprise, the MC couldn’t hide her confused face and panicked because this was completely outside the script of the program. The reason everyone is so surprised is because Jinny used to be a brand face for many health and beauty programs, known for promoting exercise weight loss and “eat clean” methods. . The truth is…


“The process of losing weight so harshly makes me almost exhausted, I’m tired of the diet and exercise drenched in sweat every day. I decided to find Black Latte – a weight loss product. Because Black Latte has a coffee flavor, I use it every day that no one finds out, even when I filmed the show I used it.”

Jinny shared, Black Latte was an American weight loss product, she was given a visit by a relative in one visit to Korea. Black Latte was the savior while she was most desperate. The reason she didn’t want to disclose her use of Black Latte was because she was afraid of losing the show, afraid of criticism and condemnation. But Jinny could not continue to live with the lie for another moment and decided today to tell the whole truth.

Jinny’s belated remorse sparked a strong light of protest in South Korea, she was ostracized for a while and then returned to promote Black Latte as an apology to the audience. She has devoted a lot of enthusiasm to spreading Black Latte to fat people who want to safely lose weight without taking a fee.

In the end, with her best efforts, Jinny succeed in helping hundreds of Korean girls get in shape and become beautiful. The weight loss community has also strongly defended Jinny and set up a group of Jinny fans to share the articles revolving around the topic “Slimming – it’s never difficult for Jinny.”

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