How to use

Instructions for use of Black Latte

Before using Black Latte for the first time, it is necessary to read the instructions complied by the manufacturer and strictly follow it. Moreover, there are no specific requirements, and the preparation of the drink takes no more than 1 minute:

  • Put 2 teaspoons of powder (12g – 14g) into a suitable container and pour over 200 ml of hot water
  • Mix thoroughly until completely dissolved
  • Drink entirely (regardless of the meal intake)


For one day only one portion of Black Latte is calculated. Considering the invigorating effect, it is advisable to drink it in the morning. The standard course duration is 1 month. If necessary, the coffee drink can be taken longer, but not more than 2 consecutive months. After a break of several months, a prophylactic course is allowed. The scheme of use for the weight loss thereby is the same.


Exceeding the recommended dosage will not speed up the result, the body will work to its maximum capacity anyway.

Indication and usage of Black Latte

Most buyers of the unique coffee are people who care about their health and dream of a beautiful figure. But the desire to lose weight is not the only reason to get this effective product. The manufacturer identifies a number of pathologies in which Black Latte is extremely necessary:

  • Body mass index above 25
  • Cellulite
  • Folds of fat in abdominal area
  • Diagnosed disorders of metabolic processes
  • Excessive consumption of sweet and fatty foods
  • Increased appetite

To solve the above mentioned problems, people turn to different methods: they take suspicious vegetable decoctions, drink laxatives and apply on skin well advertised, but ineffective cosmetic creams. All these methods not only empty the wallet, but also cause depression. After all, time passes, no methods help but the problem gets worse. To get rid of all these pathologies at once, it’s worth buying Black Latte. It comprehensively affects the body, thus it contributes not only to weight loss, but also calms the appetite, tightens the skin, improves the functioning of internal organs.


Contraindications and side effects

One of the main advantages of Black Latte is the complete harmlessness due to the absence of contraindications and side effects. Even if you have chronic diseases of internal organs in your anamnesis and have to take strong medicines, you can start losing weight right today!

The drink, designed to get rid of extra kilograms, has no age limit, unless can be considered inappropriate at children’s age. In addition, its components have hypoallergenic properties, so even people with allergies can make the dream of a beautiful figure into a reality. The exceptions are those who suffer from an individual intolerance to any of the active ingredients.


The likelihood of side effects is completely excluded as long as all the instructions for use are followed.