Where to buy

Black Latte is not sold in pharmacies, stores or “on hand”.  Finding out the real price of Black Latte is possible only by visiting the official website of local distributor.


The distribution of the product through one Internet-resource provides a convenient, profitable and secure transaction between the seller and the buyer. Moreover, the manufacturer often holds special offers in order to make a slimming drink even more affordable.

The process of making a purchase can be divided into 3 simple steps:


  1. Fill out the order form on the main page of the website, make sure to specify the name and the phone number.
  2. Within a few minutes answer the incoming call from the company representative, specify the delivery address. You can ask the manager all the questions of interest about the product.
  3. Receive the arrival notification of the package, check its contents, and pay off the declared cost.

The payment is made only upon the fact of receiving the product. The manufacturer never requires prepayment. At the request of the customer Black Latte can be sent by courier service with home delivery. The shipping cost is not included in the price, its size is determined by the carrier. Transportation usually takes a few days: the farther the destination of the recipient, the longer the delivery period of the package.

Why not buy Black Latte at pharmacy?

Many potential buyers are sincerely outraged by the fact that there is no Black Latte in pharmacies. This circumstance is caused due to the desire of the manufacturer to provide people with high-quality and affordable product. What the attempts to release the product into the pharmaceutical market are fraught with:

  • Pharmacy chains always make extra charge on medical products, therefore retail prices are completely different from those set by the direct supplier.
  • Increases the risk of spreading fake products that threaten peoples’ health.
  • When buying any product in a pharmacy, it is impossible to get acquainted with the results of clinical studies, quality certificates and other documents.