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  1. So I really didn’t have high hopes for this product because supplements for weight loss never work right! in the first 5 days I wasn’t really seeing results and could not get my body into ketosis. Only a couple days after I was in ketosis 😀 even better yet after one week I lost 1 kg 😁🎉…. it’s working! I’ve be using it now for 2 weeks and I’m 3 kg down. I’m not giving this stuff up and in case your worried there are no side effects…. win win!

  2. It works! It works exactly as I expected and I just want others to know that something is working. 6 kg/ month ! Thank so much!!!!

  3. I ordered black latte last week. I received it April 27 and started drinking April 28. I weigh 158 then. I am so worried that why i bloated to 162 now.

    How come? I followed the steps and instruction given to me by your representative.


  4. I love Black Latte, this is my favorite drink. I replaced tea and coffee with it, it perfectly cleanses the body and is very delicious!

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